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A legutóbbi Houdini album miatt kicsit átböngésztem a Boston Public Library fotóalbumait és találtam egy albumot, ami bűvész plakátokkal volt tele. Naná, hogy itt a helyük. Jó nézegetést! 🙂

Цирк Игорь Кио

Кио = Kio

Кио цирк

Цирк Змиль Кио

Игорь Кио Цирк

Игорь Кио Цирк

Игорь Цирк Кио

Цирк Кио : Народный артист РСФСР

English Amusements presents "Blue Velvet" a magical musical revue - starring the amazing Mr. Rooklyn : Assisted by international lovelies and full star supporting co.

Kar-mi swallows a loaded gun barrel  : and shoots a cracker from a man's head.


De La Mano is coming! : The champion prestidigitateur, abidextrous comedian, arch illusionist and humorist

Grand entertainment by the world-famed Prof. A. Canaris, the celebrated illusionist, the wonder of the 19th century : Mystery and necromancy! Mind reading, mesmerism & cabalistic wonders

The amazing Mr. Rooklyn from London : 100 laughs! Thrills! Mysteries!

The famous Beckman the magician and a talented company presents the greatest mystery extravaganza of modern times! : On the stage, the man whose hands have baffled millions all over the world

New Theatre Crewe : Fanto Ltd. Productions present the famous illusionist Merlin

Цирк Эмиль Кио : Заслуженный артист СО АССР

Цирк Эмиль Кио : Заслуженный артист СО АССР

Эмиль Кио Ежедневно : Цирк Заслуж. арт. Республики Кио

Fake mediums exposed : Come behind the scenes with the mediums, see how spook crooks fool their victims

Coming the pre-eminent American magician Frederick Barrington

Fake mediums exposed : Come behind the scenes with the mediums, see how spook crooks fool their victims

Salon Teatro Regla : Jueves 28, debut del mago Powell. Powell el mago de las mil y una noches, Jueves 28

Nottingham Empire : Theatre of varieties, South Sherwood Street.

Von Arx : World's premier illusionist and full company American Artistes. Not a one man show.

In this hotel an entertainment by Mr. Oswald Rae the bewildering humorist

Chasan, in person : Master magician and ventriloquist

The Great Heaney : Famous master magician

Theatro Casino Antarctica : Do maior illusionista contemporaneo, Carter

Theatro Sant'anna : Estré a George de o grão mestre do mysterio

Grand ball room Hotel McAlpin, New York metamorphosed into a psychomanteum, one night only, Nov. 12, 1934, 8.15 p. m. : Miraculous mystification, marvelous magic

Magic show for only one night at Sree Rangam Theatre, 29th December 1947, Monday at 6 p. m. : All India magician's conference 1947

M. De La Ferre : World's famous impersonator

By arrangement with the war office, Capt. George Braund : "The biggest thing in magic"

Coming! One night only! Gordon the master magician and his company of entertainers

Coming! Willard Smith & Co. presenting an evening of magic : Holden High School auditorium, Monday eve., February 20, 1933 at eight o'clock

Carolina Assemblies present Guy Stanley : Traveler - magician - entertainer

International magic variety show : Entertainment that is different!

Fifth annual Magicians' Alliance of Eastern States convention : Sponsored by I. B. M. Ring 32, the Allentown Society of Magicians, Hotel Traylor, Allentown, PA., September 26-27, 1947

Professor Arthur Margery F.O.S & I.S.C. : The celebrated conjurer & illusionist

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